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WildWashTM is one of the leading pet shampoo brands in UK. Their goal was to step into competitive market and reach break-even point as soon as possible in order to get maximum profit. So they tried online marketing to get maximum ROI through their e-commerce store. It was their vain attempt to get maximum ROI. WildWashTM was in search of an expert digital marketing agency which can successfully execute a profitable product ad campaigns for their products across Google and Amazon.

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  • Increase ROI through WildWashTM online store.

  • Maintain break-even ACoS to maximize sales.

  • Execute a result-driven product ad campaign in competitive pet products market.

  • Improve CTR in accordance with conversions.

  • Optimize every customer experience. Increase conversion rates.

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Spokes Digital recommended WildWashTM to run product ad campaign across Google and Amazon in order to generate maximum ROI. We did in-depth research on keywords, bids, high and low performing products and finally set up their Amazon product inventory and launched their fine grain campaign for Amazon sponsored products. Our campaign drove 10X qualified traffic to WildWashTM online store. We differentiated client’s products across Google results in Google shopping and provided critical info to visitors encouraging them to make a quick decision. We delivered relevant ads to people based on what they search for on Google and Amazon with search intent. We were successful in generating maximum sales by keeping ACoS below 30%. Most importantly, we surpassed sales expectations by 120% and reduced CPC by 70%.

WildWashTM ACoS decreases from June 2016 to April 2017

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WildWashTM growth sales increases from June 2016 to April 2017

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Client Testimonial

"The best part of working with this agency is the transparency and flexibility that they have towards the client. They have a solution for every problem irrespective of the size, scale, or budget. The explosive growth our company has seen can be credited to the mammoth increase in media exposure that Spokes Digital team has generated in a limited time frame and budget. "


Andrew and Jane Cooper