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Client wanted to have a solution where customers can send Request For Proposal(RFP) for multiple services and they can track their proposal online. On the other hand, admin should have a panel where he can automate his cumbersome process of proposal making and keep bird eye on the status to avoid any delay to the potential client.

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  • User friendly Interface for customers

  • Easy status tracking of proposals for customers

  • Role based admin panel for internal team of client

  • Multi-channeled proposal formation system

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Spokes Digital built a solution which eradicates problem of manual proposal making and facilitates easy management of RFP for customers. We provided a multi-level RFP system in which different users with different roles are responsible for their task in proposal making. Customers get easy access to all of their proposals and get notified via email when any activity happens in their RFP.

Client Testimonial

"You guys rocked on this project! We Appreciate your insistence to details and complete understanding of project to get our RFP & RFQ applications online."

Yash Garg - Managing Director

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