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TrinityX - Our Data Driven E-commerce Analytics & Marketing Roadmap Platform

Utilizing Data To Drive E-commerce Decisions

Wrong data is more dangerous than no data. Our single platform is designed for online retailers to achieve maximum ROI and to discover actionable data driven e-commerce analytics & marketing roadmap.
Improve your marketing campaign results and ROI with TrinityX™.
Achieve results in less than 30 days.

Spokes Intelligence Platform

Our approach includes 3 key steps to help key e-commerce organizations shift from being reactive in digital to developing true data driven e-commerce digital marketing strategies that are action & result oriented.


We’ll assess your digital maturity against best practices and your competitors to uncover opportunities

Arrow Sign Digital Maturity Assessment

It projects your current search engine optimization audit, pay per click analysis, your on-going social media presence and complete e-commerce platform technical audit.

Arrow Sign Competitor Analysis

It shows organic & paid ranks, track competitor's search rankings and global traffic of your competitor's websites along with tracking competitor's backlinks.

Arrow Sign Industry Analysis

Here, we present a SWOT analysis in which we compare your strengths and weakness against your competition and industry.

Arrow Sign Recommendations

It includes both general best practices and industry/capability-specific preferences for digital marketing, technology & marketing automation.

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Measurement of your organization's e-commerce digital readiness based on best practices, competitive evaluation, industry benchmarking and statistical analysis.

  • e-commerce digital readiness analysis

  • Our comprehensive assessment and scoring of your current e-commerce digital capabilities and where they rank within your competitive landscape

  • Industry benchmark scoring

  • Benchmarking your e-commerce business to help identify strengths to shift enterprises from reactive to transformative strategies

  • Revenue gap analysis & opportunities

  • Identification of specific areas of weakness along with actionable recommendations to improve your e-commerce digital capabilities

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Development of your actionable Digital Roadmap for e-commerce. We help CXOs to set digital goals, identify minimum media budget & build a digital plan to achieve desired sales & business goals.

  • e-commerce opportunities & campaigns prioritization

  • Media budget planning for digital campaigns based upon your business objectives, sales goals, revenue, risk, and customer impact

  • e-commerce business roadmapping for 3,6,9 & 12 months

  • Construction of actionable and quantifiable Digital Roadmap based upon business goals, prioritization, dependencies, budgets, and business impact

  • e-commerce digital opportunity exploration

  • Deep-dive into specific channels & campaigns for a tactical e-commerce strategy

  • Media budget allocation & resource planning

  • Acquire an integrated view of digital campaigns, ad spend and e-commerce business ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) to take data driven business decisions

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