Threes Brewing | Spokes Digital Case Study



Threes Brewing wanted a handy Content Management System to handle large chunks of digital data. Our objective was to help them build a feasible E-Commerce CMS in Shopify with a Customized App tailored to their requirements.

Logo of Threes brewing Company


  • Assemble a customized Shopify App.

  • Facilitating easy Content Management System for E-Commerce.

  • Actualizing the App keeping original Design intact and user-friendly

  • Control Design at the time of HTML rendering.

Banner of threes brewing


Spokes Digital designed a customized Shopify App. While it’s the fact that Shopify platform simplifies the App Development process the actual hitch was to keep the original design intact. The client wouldn’t have compromised with the friendly interface and user experience. Moreover the CMS was to be built in way that facilitates the admin to operate effectively without any technical base. Spokes Digital built the customized app allowing admin to manage content/images/slider of website with ease, keeping platform same as required. We effectively managed to fulfill the custom requirements handling the HTML rendering both at the Client and server side.

Client Testimonial

"As per usual, your team did a fantastic job! I am thrilled with the new responsive looks great visually, and most importantly, we've already seen an uptick in conversion rates within this first week of being live! Excellence on all fronts and customizations. Greatly appreciated!"

Threes Brewing