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Why Spokes Digital Programmatic Ads?

Spokes Digital solely focuses on the Cannabis and CBD/Hemp Industries

  • Get more freedom with our least restrictive creative guidelines.
  • Only reach verified and legal users using cross-device data
  • Unique marketing segmentation with over 500 targeting selections
  • Emphasis on non-endemic sites.
Programmatic ads

What you get?


Audience Targeting by zip code.

Content Planning and Execution

Content Planning and Execution

Reporting tool and Dashboard

Reporting tool and Dashboard

Audience Targeting

Reach your Target Audience with targeted messages.
  • Cannabis consumers vary with age, demographics, and prefer different products for different reasons.
  • Spokes Digital Programmatic Ads helps you to understand your audience profiles and create segmented campaigns to deliver the right message to the right person.
  • Spokes Digital Programmatic Ads tracks and reports engagement by audience and by creative in real time.

Order Entry and Reporting

Manage your campaigns in real-time and user-friendly interface.
  • Keep the track of your ad campaigns 24/7, regulate your data, and get complete visibility of where your campaigns are running.
  • Every campaign includes retargeting and conversion tracking.
Oliver and Ava are your targeted audience and live near to your Dispensary

Oliver , 27

  • Uses Cannabis app on device
  • High-income customer
  • Buys premium products
  • Online shopping tendency

Ava , 32

  • Cannabis products enthusiast
  • Curious about CBD for overall wellness
  • Prefers shopping at retail locations
  • Affluent household

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