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Cannabis & Hemp/CBD Focused Native Advertising

What is Native Advertising?

Native advertisements are a type of advertisement that blends into the platform's content, form, and function on which they appear. They expose the reader to the ads without interrupting their experience. As a result, well-designed native ads look like a part of the page rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. This means your target audience can become better informed about your dispensary before they even visit your brand's site.

Native Ads
Native Ads

How Do Native Ad Networks for CBD and Cannabis Products Work?

Third-party native advertising platforms allow both cannabis and CBD brands to run legally compliant advertising campaigns for their products. It allows branded messages to fit seamlessly in a surrounding, engaging audience without disrupting their flow. Sure, you may not get the reach that Google or Facebook offers, but your CBD or cannabis products reach your ideal customers who are interested and open to more information.

Spokes Native Advertising Management Services For CBD & Cannabis Companies

  • Display ad placement research.
  • Display ad design and copywriting.
  • Creation and management of all campaigns activities
  • Setup of conversion tracking pixels.
  • Weekly Reporting of KPIs.



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