Consulting & Architecture Services | Spokes Digital

We asses your user's needs and your business goals and by doing so we define your technology strategy roadmap. Next, architectural guidelines are set to reduce future costs, improve code structure and scalability.

We offer:

  • How to efficiently reduce the complexity in IT Infrastructure
  • How to improve performance with increased traffic
  • How to effectively handle the future change in the system
  • How to track the usage of resource and system features
  • How to effectively handle future changes in the network
  • Secure server infrastructure for hosting

Setting Architectural guidelines will benefit code quality, scalability and cost gains. With adherence to architecture principals, severe problems can be overcome during the system development phase.

Spokes Provides:

  • Proposed technology solutions
  • Best coding practices
  • NFR Consulting
  • Assessment and identification of technology drivers
  • Detailed risk analysis and proposed solutions to identified risks
  • Designing a Secure server infrastructure for hosting
  • Performance and scalability assessment by reviewing existing system and system performance
  • Best security practices, processes, standards and compliance's for OWASP, SANS, PCI-DSS and HIPAA
  • Assessment and identification of critical focus areas in products and support systems
  • Identification of risks, bottlenecks, alternative methods and adoption guidelines
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