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Precision Wine’s online wine shop needed a boost of traffic on the web. They wanted to acquire leads from Organic as well as paid campaigns to improve the brand visibility and trust.

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  • Optimization of online store from scratch

  • 10 times increase in Organic traffic.

  • SEO + PPC to boost brand visibility.

  • Amplifying online orders of wines & Wine Club Memberships.

  • Acquire leads from Multiple Channels Google, Bing, Facebook etc.

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An Online Wine Store requires much more than just an Ecommerce website. If you have a presence online then you must improve visibility to market your brand on the internet. Although Precision Wine had great products and website in place, they were still lacking a marketing strategy for online business.

Spokes Digital started with optimizing the store online following all the best practices and also started building high quality backlinks to the online store. Since the client wanted to acquire leads from multiple channels, we deployed the Paid Campaigns strategy for channels like Google, Facebook, Bing etc. Our Paid media experts successfully drove the PPC campaigns to improve the brand visibility and ultimately backed up the SEO efforts. Finally our team strategized the organic and paid to support each other resulting in improved signups for Wine Club, improved website orders of wine bottles from PPC, improved new visitors through organic searches. We successfully boosted the organic traffic by 130%, reduced the bounce rate by 44.67% and improved the conversion by 183 % through Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

Client Testimonial

"Passion & Commitment to Quality are the best reasons I recommend Spokes to anybody. Looking forward to use their services many more times"