PBergo | Spokes Digital Case Study



PBE wanted to offer more functionality to serve the customers better. They wanted to strengthen the application with more features like Single Sign On (SSO) to reduce the ambiguity, allowing users of Airbnb access all the features with Single Sign On. PBE needed an adroit team to handle real time solutions.

Logo of PBE


  • Understanding the complex code of the existing large application

  • Implementing SSO to reduce use efforts to manage all of its applications

  • Injecting new features without disturbing existing customer base

  • Building real time solutions

  • Withstand the three different environments: Test, Stage & Production environments

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The client wanted to improve customer experience by enhancing the existing application with the introduction of new features. The first major debacle we faced was to understand the existing application with a large and complex code. Understanding an existing code was critical for us to implement the new features without disturbing the existing customer base. Spokes Digital built in the new features that enabled client to introduce new features with ease. We built the real time solutions that can withstand the different phases of development thus giving the client an advanced control over the maintenance. We are happy that PBE can now present a richer experience to its esteemed users.

Client Testimonial

"Spokes team redefined our website with a whole new set of features and a much better user experience. Amazed with their ability to understand the large and complex chunks of code."