Mission Statement | Spokes Digital Case Study



Mission Statement needed a breathtaking experience to engage consumers through a rich and responsive e-commerce website. The site needed to be scalable and intuitive for customers with high-tech functionality. Finally the website was to be optimized for mobile devices.

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  • Introducing brand new fashion brand in a crowded market and defining a new vertical: High-Fashion with High-Performance

  • Develop scalable website that can scale as the brand launches and matures.

  • Create a platform that is shoppable and informational about empowered women.

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The Spokes Digital team provided a full service solution by designing and developing a robust e-commerce platform. The website was coded in .NET, Angular JS, HTML5, and CSS 3. Spokes has continue to support Mission Statement post the launch to ensure consumers are having a positive shopping experience.

Client Testimonial

"I appreciate Spoke Digital’s attention to detail and equally pleased with how swiftly they completed my project. Thanks for doing such a great job!."

Hillary Swank

Investor - Mission Statement, USA