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M & B needed an adroit approach to boost up the organic presence as well as sales. They were looking for an ingenious team ready to start from the scratch and kick off their Digital Transformation.

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  • Pitch in the complete SEO roadmap from the scratch.

  • Rank for high search volume keywords within 3 months.

  • Create a high quality backlinks.

  • Stimulate the website traffic by 4X.

  • Instigate an online store on Amazon to sell off the products.

  • Advertise the products with optimized Amazon campaigns.

  • Reduce the ACOS from 180% to 50% in 3 months.

  • Push sales through SEO.

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Spokes Digital anticipated a detailed SEO roadmap for M & B to foster their organic presence. With a well-thought-out plan for keywords client’s website soon ranked for more than 90% of the high search volume keywords within 3 months. M & B initially had no presence on Amazon. Our specialised team in E-Commerce Marketing and Advertising helped them launch an online store on Amazon and started selling their products.

But it was not just a mere store setting and selling, rather we created optimized advertising campaigns on Amazon for the M& B products that swept the board with high brand exposure. Soon we kicked off the conversions with 88% increase compared to previous years. We reduced the Advertising costs of sales from 180% to 50% within 3 months and it is still decreasing.

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Client Testimonial

"Working with Spokes Digital has been an absolute delight; They have a team of consummate professionals consistently delivering way beyond expectations."

Keerthy Sunder, MD - Founder and Chief Medical Officer

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