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Don’t Let Random Data Fragment Your Marketing Decisions

We help you discover the power of customer intelligence with our deep analytics knowledge and Adobe’s real-time analytics and segmentation. We help you understand the buyer journey across all channels, gain a 360-degree view of your customer and drive your digital marketing decisions & success.

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics derives insights from data by applying real-time analytics and detailed segmentation across all marketing channels. It serves as the analytics foundation to help you discover high-value prospects and uncover data driven intelligence about your customers. With many successful implementations of Adobe Analytics, Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager and other leading platforms, our team has the rich data analytics experience to help you develop successful analytics goals and strategies.

Data-driven Insight

Obtaining customer insights, once considered unattainable by marketers, is now widely recognized as a game-changing opportunity. The ever-growing amount of data coming from social, web, mobile and other touch points, coupled with rapidly changing consumer behaviors, is putting pressure on marketing organizations. Adobe analytics tools can help you make sense of data and create a comprehensive view of your customers.

Integrated Strategy

After creating an analytics strategy during an initial digital marketing assessment/implementation audit, we help you deploy your analytics tools, integrating them with your Big Data and back-end systems.

We also set you up for success by creating an Adobe Analytics implementation plan that helps you:

  • Identify KPIs to be tracked by decision makers
  • Map KPI data to analytics events and variables
  • Implement overall configuration of tools

Through this process, we empower you to respond to consumer behaviors and expectations more effectively.

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Marketing Automation

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