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Glee's goal was to create a microsite within its main website to drive awareness and spark conversation around 100th episode. Glee wanted this microsite full of high-tech functionalities like adding video player, video gallery, voting, built-in social sharing in order to allow users to view music, videos/performances from the show and vote on which performances they want to see in the 100th episode.

Logo of glee


  • Create a scalable microsite to handle millions of users at once.

  • Empower friends to share the microsite experience with their friends and spark a social discussion.

  • Allow votes to occur in real-time without the threat of voter fraud.

Glee Show


Spokes successfully launched an integrated microsite and sparked conversation around the 100th episode. Fans decided the song that was performed on the episode, which helped propel the episode to being one of the the highest viewed episodes.

Glee Image

Graphical representation of audience view

Client Testimonial

"Your solutions were exactly what we had always imagined- Clean and Clear. Thank you for your support. It was a major help for us."

Peter Rice