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An Interview with Entrepreneur Sameer Nigam

By Spokes Digital Team

Sameer Nigam is CEO & Managing Director of Stratbeans Consulting Pvt Ltd.

StratBeans Consulting is a management consulting company that provides innovative IT products, IT services, and consulting for enterprises and organizations. StratBeans is founded in 2008.

Sameer has more than 14 years’ experience in strategy formulation and execution, outsourcing/ offshoring of services, development and execution of large/global projects.

Sameer Nigam
Stratbeans Logo

Sammer Nigam

CEO & Managing Director

An Interview with Entrepreneur Leeza Thomas

By Spokes Digital Team

Leeza is CEO of CannaSales the first Amazon Seller tool for Cannabis products. CannaSales optimize your Amazon Sponsored Products ads to boost your Amazon sales for Hemp & CBD products.

Leeza has an entrepreneurial spirit and proven results with an eminent experience in Paid Marketing Advertisements.

Leeza Thomas
Logo of CannaSales

Leeza Thomas

CEO Of CannaSales

An Interview with Entrepreneur JoJo

By Spokes Digital Team

My name is JoJo Yawson but I preferred to go by JoJo Yao. YAO is my original family name.

The name before my father changed to YAWSON when he migrated to England many years ago to further his education.

Omyao Logo

JoJo Yawson

CEO Of OmYao Channel 777