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May 10, 2017

A Digital Transformation is different from IT transformation initiatives

By Spokes Digital Team

About Digital Transformation

We can help you identify the ideal Digital Transformation & Automation strategy and partner with you to chose right solution enabling you to achieve such results as reduce operating costs, increase productivity and focus on strategic responsibilities. Please contact Spokes Digital for more information on our services or to learn more about our case studies and experience.

We get confused by the myriad of new technologies emerging every day...

A digital transformation is different from IT transformation initiatives of years past. An IT transformation project looks at which processes can be digitized and automated with new IT tools.

An IT audit would identify what percentage of existing processes can be automated and digitized with new tools...

A digital transformation, however, would seek to fundamentally reimagine HR and how all workflows can be enabled with digital...

IT Transformation vs. Digital Transformation:

A digital transformation program can uplift revenues…

A digital transformation program can also drive significant cost decreases..

A digital transformation requires a new skill set:

Almost all major industry verticals have seen digital technologies disrupting the established competitive dynamics:

Industries that will be affected most by Digital Transformation:

The Intelligent Digital Transformation & Digital Automation Journey:


16 April, 2017

Why Xamarin Makes More Sense For Mobile App Development

By Spokes Digital Team

About IT Transformation Xamarin

In today’s tech world, businesses ranging from Fortune 500 to influential startups need extremely powerful and matchless mobile apps for success on both business and economic front. All thanks to the swift and fast growth of app development sector and the increasing demand of customers in mobility.

24 November, 2016

The Role Of Growth Hacker Marketing

By Spokes Digital Team

About Digital Transformation Growth Hacker

At present, marketing is a vital business function that is important for almost all kind of businesses ranging from start-ups to a well-established organization. But, when we talk about growth hacker marketing, we can say it is start-ups sweetheart. It is the most talked about term in the world of marketing and start-ups. Some organizations see it as a ground- breaking way of accelerating the growth of start-ups, while others consider it just a decor term for marketing.

16 November, 2016

The Movement Of Web To An Ultra-Intelligent Web

By Spokes Digital Team

About IT Transformation Web Development

The second generation of Web was developed to enable the users to participate, collaborate and share data in a social network. The advantages of uploading, downloading, editing data made users not only consume resources but also allows them to share resources. Blogs replaced static web pages and made users interact and share content collaboratively.