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An Interview with Entrepreneur Sameer Nigam

By Spokes Digital Team

Sameer Nigam is CEO & Managing Director of Stratbeans Consulting Pvt Ltd.

StratBeans Consulting is a management consulting company that provides innovative IT products, IT services, and consulting for enterprises and organizations. StratBeans is founded in 2008.

Sameer has more than 14 years’ experience in strategy formulation and execution, outsourcing/ offshoring of services, development and execution of large/global projects.

What are the differentiators of your business?

The three differentiators of StratBeans Consulting are depth, support, and flexibility. We have solid expertise in the outsourcing business and training/transition, which helps us understand and speak the language of the customers. StratBeans’s customer service is a virtual-partner to our clients. Apart from phone support, we also offer web-based and class room trainings on all our products. Also, we are able to customize each client’s solution package with several IT services that we offer on top of the product line

How do you plan to scale-up the business?

StratBeans Consulting will expand business by offering full scale BPO operations and also a larger portfolio of products.

Why did you choose to be an entrepreneur rather than stick to a regular 9-to-5 job?

I worked for many years with TCS and Genpact in USA, UK and India before starting StratBeans Consulting. I always liked the idea of running a business because it allows the space for creative freedom and helps me realise my hidden potential.

Tell us something about StratBeans

"Improving employee performance using digital learning products and solutions."

Large corporates engage Stratbeans Consulting for development of "customised digital videos".

These videos are often used for automation of classroom training programs, skill development, eLearning, process training, micro learning, interactive role plays, gamified learning etc.

We also offer IT products which allow creation, hosting and tracking of digital learning content.

Key Products:

  • Learning Management System (LMS)- Multilingual LMS used by more than 1.5 Mn Users

  • Articulate 360- for multimedia content creation

  • Artificial Intelligence Based Asessment Platform

  • Content digitisation service

What has been the biggest achievement in the growth of your organization?

Our biggest achievement has been attracting large enterprises and creating mutual trust. Many of them are among TOP ten IT/BPO organizations of India.

What is the biggest mistake you made as an amateur entrepreneur?

The biggest mistake we made was to not put down all the terms and conditions of partnerships in black and white. Some of our initial partnerships soured for this reason. We lost valuable time and energy because of this.

Have you, or your organization, been recognized in any way for your great work?

We have been recognized as one of the best partners for a product that we resell. This was based not only on the business that we brought in but also on the depth of relationship that we created and the quality of service we provided.

What drives you to stay buckled on the roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship?

There is never a dull moment, there are so many new ideas that we crystallize and implement.

Even in moments when I am perturbed, my family's support and regular meditation keeps my sanity intact.

I believe one should keep doing the right things at the right time without worrying about the outcome.

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