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An Interview with Entrepreneur Leeza Thomas

By Spokes Digital Team

Leeza is CEO of CannaSales, the first Amazon Seller tool for Cannabis products. CannaSales optimize your Amazon Sponsored Products ads to boost your Amazon sales for Hemp & CBD products.

Leeza has an entrepreneurial spirit and proven results with an eminent experience in Paid Marketing Advertisements.

When did you first discover your entrepreneurial spirit and how is your entrepreneurial career developing so far?

I've had a passion for entrepreneurship since I was a kid. When I was 6 or 7 years old, I'd come up with silly ideas like selling drawings at garage sales. I believe that true entrepreneurs are always spotting opportunities. In 2015, I started analysing Amazon Sellers process to gain more knowledge about the flow of Amazon Sales & Ads and then I started handling and managing Amazon Sellers accounts of Amazon Sellers.

Earlier in 2018 when Cannabis became legalised in some states, it gave me the opportunity to build and launch an entirely new product line; CannaSales – The all in one tool for Sellers those are selling Cannabis products on Amazon.

Looking back, what did you learn from and what would you have done differently?

That’s a tough question!

Growing our business from a room in our basement to what it is today has been quite an adventure! I’ve learned to always push forward and never, ever rewrite. Stay focused on that constant, incremental growth.

Also, from a business perspective, building an all in one solution for Amazon Sellers in the Cannabis Space was very challenging. Currently in the market no one is able to provide one click solution for Cannabis Sellers with the Hemp & CBD Products.

While working at, We followed multiple Amazon Sellers tools and invested our time and money to learn about the algorithm of Amazon and progressively, did pretty well. When we started building CannaSales, we could not find a sale on our product but after learning and applying the experience, we got the results.

Tell us something more about CannaSales

CannaSales gives Amazon Professional Sellers an easy way to manage and optimize Amazon Sponsored Ads of Hemp & CBD Products.

CannaSales is all about using bid automation to optimize your Amazon sponsored ads in less time. Bid suggestions and automation help you effortlessly shift your money from bad keywords to profitable ones. CannaSales Bid Wizard adjusts bids to maximize exposure and minimize wasted ad spend.

You can use CannaSales Suggested Bids to quickly achieve the best possible ACoS for every keyword. You tell them your target ACoS for each campaign and their proprietary algorithms will make bid suggestions to optimize toward that target.

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