Blissfully Serene | Spokes Digital Case Study



The major objective was to build a loyal customer base through a referral system in place. They needed a pre launch website that would serve as a channel to connect the visitors to the launched website.

Logo of Blissfully Serene


  • Design an approachable pre-launch website.

  • User friendly referral system.

  • Preventing multiple registrations from the same IP.

  • Redirecting referred users to the proper redemption on the launched website.

Banner and logo of blissfully serene


Blissfully serene was in search of a tactical approach to building customer engagement and brand loyalty. Spokes Digital designed the pre launch website that would act as the referral system converting the visitors into the loyal customers of the main website launched. In order to have transparent transactions we tested the website and built it in a way that prevented multiple registrations from the same IP leading to confusions. The pre launch website acted as the referral system allowing users to sign up and redeem products through referral system. We also took special security measure like IP blocking etc to ensure that only unique visitors get registered from same IP.

Client Testimonial

"We have been delighted by our experience with the Spokes team. From the start, they have been a competent, knowledgeable and professional team of experts who have been able to show expertise and consideration with our specific needs. I am happy to recommend Spokes Digital for all their great development."

Blissfully Serene