Spokes || Web Development

Our web application core team has deep insights on ongoing popular and high demand technology frameworks that we have used to implement multiple web applications, from online streaming to sophisticated enterprise application development.

Since the advent of internet technologies, website are just static anymore. Current websites are highly content driven, flexible and data run time oriented. Hybrid web development takeovers the browser maximum capacity by highly mobile and device type specific rendering. At Spokes-digital we ensure current web development leverages offerings from on going framework trends along with completely responsiveness.

We offer:

  • Prior story-boarding of nascent idea
  • Logo design based on Business idea
  • Idea and solutions content writing
  • Faster development timelines
  • Review and Maintenance
  • Rich visual design for prompting brand and Advance user experience
  • Web Development by inculcating offerings from latest techs like HTML5, CSS3, LESS, SASS, PHP, Wordpress, Drupal
  • Web development by hightech offerings like AngularJS,React,NodeJS