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Best in class intelligence platform that allows our client a consistent measurement of the strength of their digital capabilities. We created TrinityXTM with our client’s in mind. Our sophisticated platform analyzes data and helps inform our decisions so that they meet the changing expectations of customers, align to best practices, and ward off threats of competitors and disruptors.


We’ll assess your digital maturity against best practices and your competitors, uncover opportunities, and benchmark against competitors and disruptors.

Digital Maturity Assessment

It projects your current search engine optimization health,Pay Per Clicks analysis,your on-going social media marketing and complete website review.

Competitor Analysis

It shows organic & paid ranks,track competitors' search rankings and global traffic of your competitors' websites along with tracking competitors' backlinks.

Industry Analysis

Here, we present SWOT analysis (Strength Weakness Opportunities Threats) in which we Compare your strengths and weakness against your competition and industry.


It includes both general best practices and industry/capability-specific preferences for digital transformation.


Construction of actionable Digital Roadmap based upon prioritization, dependencies, budgets, and business impact.

Scenario Modeling

It identifies the areas for improvements to achieve goals by tracking user actions and makes a correct diagnosis. It finds out where you stand and what exactly you need and solve business problems swiftly.

Strategic Positioning

Through our digital maturity assessment tool, we gain a clear and in-depth understanding of your market position which enables us to make more accurate, reason-based and effective decisions through our assessment matrix.

Customized Planning

TrinityX™ delivers a customized plan depending on the industry benchmarks related to your business, media budget and channels.


Our team chooses platforms required for your business to automate the marketing intiatives. We recommend the marketing automation solutions around complete workflow.

Choose Platform & Customize

It solves the biggest problems in measuring and driving digital transformation.We are expert and trusted partners of Adobe and Marketo. Use our automation tools to do more in-depth data analysis and drive measurable results.

Streamline Marketing tasks

Our digital automation platform can help you streamline your all marketing tasks all in one place by which you can plan out your all marketing tasks into one central and integrated location to better tailor your marketing efforts to deliver the right message.

Automate Workflow

We automate your time-consuming and manual processes with our digital automation tool and streamline your processes easily and quickly.

Measure Results

You can measure results by the objectives that has been achieved,processes that are highly streamlined and critical analytics review.